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Minutes of the meeting of WLO and IASLIM representatives

The Meeting was held on Sunday, October 5th 2008 at 20.00 in hotel Château Laurier Québec in Québec, Canada.



Ian Cooper, Chair, World Leisure Innovation Prize Adjudication Panel and Chair, World Leisure Management Commission and Jože Jenšterle, President of Sport Center Association of Slovenia and Head of the IASLIM Project.



  1. Cooperation between WLO and IASLIM
  2. IASLIM Program 2009
    - Seminars and Conferences,
    - Educational program
    - Business Consultancy
  3. Exchange of the professional and expert programs and materials





WLO, World Leisure Organization and IASLIM, International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management (Project Group) have common interest to cooperate as partners in the areas of sport and leisure infrastructure management, sustainable development, social management, new technologies and innovative programs. WLO was founded in 1952 and is recognized by the United Nations. World Leisure, is a world-wide, non-governmental association of persons and organizations dedicated to discovering and fostering those conditions best permitting leisure to serve as a force for human growth, development and well-being. IASLIM, Project Group addresses sport and leisure infrastructure management, decision makers and policy designers of sport and leisure infrastructure development in regions and local communities, planning, engineering, construction, management and maintenance of infrastructure, equipment industry, banking and insurance sectors, energy and water supply systems, communal and transport systems, tourism, real estate business, events management sector, advertising and public relations, health, schools, social welfare and many other sectors, suppliers of goods and services for the sport and leisure infrastructure operators, University professors and scientists, business consultants, sport clubs and federations and students.



Cooperation will be based on the interests of both parties and decisions of their executive boards. The two parties will sign an Agreement between WLO and IASLIM, which will include programs and activities of common interests for both partners. The documents will be prepared by Ian Cooper and Jože Jenšterle, till the end of this year. Cooperation will be discussed on the executive boards meetings.


The cooperation will include: (1) exchange of information including documents and mailing lists, (2) cooperation in the bodies of both partners, (3) cooperation in the international projects and initiatives, (4) participation at the regional and continental conferences of sport and leisure infrastructure management and (5) preparation of the topic: “Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management” for the next WLO Congress 2012 in Rimini, Italy.



IASLIM Program 2009 includes projects and activities, which will be prepared and implemented as joint projects of WLO and IASLIM.


IASLIM will organize International Seminars for Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management and Regional & Continental Conferences of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management. University professors and professional experts will be lecturers at the seminars and presenters at the conferences. Representatives of WLO will be invited as a lecturers and presenters to the seminars and conferences. They will cover topics from the field of “World Leisure”.


IASLIM is developing interdisciplinary professional training program for the planners, constructors, managers and maintainers of the sport and leisure infrastructure “International School of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management”. WLO and IASLIM will cooperate in preparation of the program and the search for University and/or business school, which will include this program in its curriculum.


WLO will include sport and leisure infrastructure management topics in its program and cooperate with IASLIM to implement the goals: educational and training programs for managers, standards and regulations of planning, building, managing and maintaining sport and leisure infrastructure, introducing new technologies and developing innovative programs. WLO and IASLIM will cooperate in the fields of publishing and developing new communication systems.



WLO and IASLIM will exchange the professional and expert programs and materials from the conferences and congresses.

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