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Minutes of the match making event

»Brazilian and European sports industry« Infrastructure & Architecture

The event was held during ISPO Fair and Sport Business Summit in ICM Munich, Germany, on February 3rd 2009 at 10. a.m. The materials for meeting were prepared and send one month before the event by e-mail. Axel Klingel chairs the Match making event.



Axel Klingel, Task Communication GmbH Munich, Germany, Vicente de Castro Mello, manager of the Castro Mello Arquitetos Ltda, São Paulo, Brasil, Jože Jenšterle, Secretary General of the IASLIM, International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management, Kranj, Slovenia, Jan Schönig, Vice President of the Siemens AG, Siemens One, Munich, Germany, Sergio Schildt, vice-president of the ABRIESP, Associação Brasileira da indústria do deporte, São Paulo, Brasil, Randal Soares, manager in the strategic planning department of the ABRIESP, Associação Brasileira da indústria du deporte, São Paulo, Brasil, Christine Sauter, ESB Event Sport Business, Germany, Ian C. McKee, manager of the EcoArenas, LLC, USA, Zdzisłav Krystian Olech, manager of the Nowy Styl sp. z o.o. Krosno, Poland and Elke Schulz, manager of the Bona Dea Production GmbH, Münster, Germany.



  1. Presentation of the football World Cup Brasil 2014 infrastructure
  2. Infrastructure management





Representatives of the Company Castro Mello from São Paulo, have presented the football stadiums in Brasil and present situation in the management and maintenance of this infrastructure. The management is not always in line with the highest international standards. The results of the maintenance of the infrastructure are not satisfying. The programs and services in the facilities should be of higher quality. Stadiums needs extensive reconstruction works and improvement of the communal and tecnoloqical systems.


There were several proposals in the discussion concerning the project planning, building, managing, maintaining and usage of the infrastructure for the footbal World Cup Brasil 2014. Participants of the Match making event pointed out that it is not acceptable, without further analyses, that all football stadiums will be without track and field facilities. The guidelines of FIFA should be exemined at the national level. The architecture and especialy energy and water supply systems, communal and traffic infrastructure, shoud be build in line with the highest ecological and sustainable development standards. Local communities should be involved in planning of the infrastructure and international consultatnts engaged. The infrastructure for the football World Cup Brasil 2014, was proclaimed to be »Green« and that will be a hugh challange for the investors.



During next few years the public institutions and companies, will have to be angaged to prepare the programs of maintenance of the facilities and marketing plans for the programs and services, which will be offered in the stadiums. The institutions and companies shoud educate managers and train maintenance workers in a specially designed educational and training programs. »Green infrastructure« will demand well educated and trained employees.

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