Kuwait City, Kuwait, 10 June 2015

The grand sport-tourist-shopping center in Kuwait City

MPSI Evaluation of the investment and management


Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium is planned to became part of »the grand sport-tourist-shopping center«. In the sport center there will be six outdoor auxiliary full size football pitches and various indoor sport facilities. The hotels will enable comfortable accommodation for visiting sport teams, tourists and other visitors. The shopping mall will provide leasure time for visitors in the restaurants, market places and stores with all kind of merchandise. The grand center will offer office space for the firms, entrepreneurs and public institutions. The location will be connected with Kuwait City and other towns with public transport. In the future, after completion of the Grand center, over 5.000 employees and visitors will enter the grand center, every single day. The Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium will became sport-recreational-cultural social center of the whole complex. With additional facilities it will became a multi-sports center, which will provide sporting events, recreational sport programs, concerts and cultural events. In this capacity The Stadium and additional sport facilities will became important center of implementation of the National strategy of Sport for all.



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