Kuwait City, Kuwait, 8 June 2015

The Aquatic Center of Tadamon Club

MPSI Evaluation of the investment and management


The aquatic center is the biggest indoor swimming pools center in Kuwait and is part of big sport center with athletics and football stadium and pitches, arenas and outdoor facilities. It has three swimming pools: Olympic size swimming pool, diving pool and 25-m swimming pool for practice. The center can host international swimming and diving events. IASLIM Expert Team visited facility, reviewed documentation, interviewed the management and prepared evaluation. The overall MPSI Evaluation is 54,40 % out of possible standard MPSI Evaluation value, which is 100,00 %. The overall evaluation indicate »Average sufficient fulfilment of standards of sport and leisure infrastructure investment and management«. Reccommendations: (1) Completion of construction of the building with all necessary technical equipment and technological systems. (2) Research & development of measures for reducing consumption of natural resources and make water supply system, energy supply system, traffic system and other technological systems more efficient. (3) Development of the “Sport for all” programs in the local community. (4) Introduction of measures and projects for the growth of sport industry in Kuwait City and creation of new jobs. (5) Development of the permanent professional training managers and professionals.



The broscure is presenting: (1) organization, human and financial resources of IASLIM; (2) the content of research and development projects, (3) the evaluations of investments and management of sport and leisure centers and (4) the overview of the international conferences, professional treining and meetings of sport and leisure infrastructure managers all over the World.



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