Barcelona, Spain, 16 October 2015

IASLIM Eurofitness Workshop

Social management of sport, leisure and infrastructure


Sustainable social management of sport, leisure and infrastructure, was the main topic of the International Workshop, which was held at Eurofitness Center Perill in Barcelona. Mr.Gil Modroño, President Fundació UBAE, welcomed the participants. Topics and lecturers: (1) Sport Industry. Xavi Estevé, Manager of ESP Indescat, Catalan Sports Cluster. (2) Social management of Eurofitness & UBAE Sport Centers in Barcelona. Toni Llop, Area Director of sports clubs Eurofitness Group in Barcelona. (3) Public - private management of Szczecin Arena in Poland. Zbigniew Klonowski, General manager of Trias Group Warsaw, Poland. (4) The House of Sport - International Sport Industry Network System. Jože Jenšterle, General manager of the International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management.



The broscure is presenting: (1) organization, human and financial resources of IASLIM; (2) the content of research and development projects, (3) the evaluations of investments and management of sport and leisure centers and (4) the overview of the international conferences, professional treining and meetings of sport and leisure infrastructure managers all over the World.



News & Events

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Reports & Minutes

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MPSI Evaluation of investments and management


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