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The House of Sport is not going to be a

bureaucratic organization with a centralized

structure, but an open interactive

organization and movement on regional,

national and international level for

implementation of the goals of House of

Sport concept.

Legal status of the House of Sport vary from

association, public institution, agency to firm.

The organization should have simple,

efficient, economical and open structure that

provides human, material and financial

sources for implementation of the program,

activities and projects with office space,

project management and administration.

Sources can be activated through public

support, partnerships, donations and

sponsorships. In principle it is non-

governmental and non-profit organization

and movement.

Houses of Sport would be connected with

programs, project management, consulting

and transfer of knowledge on regional,

national and international level in the

International Sport Industry Network (ISIN).

In the past several years IASLIM established

cooperation and partnerships with the

ministries, cities, associations, institutions,

firms and experts in different countries on

four continents. Designing and building of

the network will continue.

Network in design and under construction

1. House of Sport Brussels, Belgium


2. House of Sport Barcelona, Spain

UBAE & Eurofitness

3. House of Sport Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sport Center Association of Slovenia

4. House of Sport Torino, Italy

Municipality of Torino

5. House of Sport Warsaw, Poland

Polish Olympic Committee & Trias Group S.A.