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Kuwait Report 2015 13

Department and other officials of the

Department for Youth at PAYS.



Presentation of Public Authority for

Youth & Sports in the State of Kuwait,

Department for Youth


Presentation of The International

Association of Sport and Leisure

Infrastructure Management


Future cooperation in the youth



Ad. 1

Dr. Humoud F.M. Alshammari, Deputy

Director General of the Department for

Youth at PAYS, presented the program of

the Department and plans for the future

activities. The Public Authority for Youth &

Sports, Department for Youth support

future development of educational system

and organize programs and activities for

youth, which encompass promotion of

healthy life and sustainable environment

that enables youth to develop physical

and mental abilities, utilize free time,

improve creative skills, deepen national

identity principles, belonging and

voluntary work sense. The Public

Authority is preparing an action plan for

implementation of Kuwait’s Government

policy for the welfare of youth. Cooperation

of international expert will be included in

the plan of the future activities.

Ad 2.

Jože Jenšterle, Secretary General of

IASLIM, presented organization and

programs of the Association. Although

it is a non-profit international organization

it represents a World expert consulting

body in sport, leisure and infrastructure

investment and management. Members

and partners of the Association provide

expert knowledge and professional skills in

the fields of sustainable development,

efficient social management, innovative

programs and green technologies. In the

past eight years they organized transfer of

knowledge at the international

conferences, seminars, courses, study

visits and consulting projects in Germany,

Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France,

Austria, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela,

Equador, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia,

Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and

Mozambique. The Association cooperates

with the Ministries, Municipalities, public

institutions, private companies,

Universities, sport associations,

professionals, experts, national and

regional associations. International experts

and consultants of the Association can help

The Public Authority for Youth and Sports

to prepare programs and projects for

implementation of the Government


Ad 3.

Prof. dr. Rado Pišot proposed evidence-

base surveys and analysis in the fields of

National health in Kuwait, which would

include youth, women, dissabled and

elderly people. Based on the analysis the

Public Authority and international

consultants can prepare efficient action

plan of measures to improve National

health. University of Primorska has human

resources, technologies and expertize that

can be useful for designing the measures.

The University expresses the willingness to

establish partnership and be part of

consultancy project and transfer of

knowledge beetwen The Public Authority

for Youth & Sports in the State of Kuwait

and The International Association of Sport

and Leisure Infrastructure Management.

Sport for All