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Kuwait Report 2015 11

One of the most important element of

the Sport for All Strategy is inclusion of

all parts of the Nation, youth, women,

people with special needs, elderly people,

recreational sports(wo)men and athletes.

Kuwait has largly invested in sport and

leisure infrastructure for different sport

and leisure programs and services. The

National Authority for Youth and Sports

and managers of the sport centers should

improve the efficiency of the

infrastructure management and

maintenance, develop innovative

programs, introduce green technologies,

design marketing activities and invite

people to visit sport centers and practice

sport on daily bases.

His Excellency expects that IASLIM

International Experts and Consultants will

offer expert knowledge and transfer best

practices from the World to Kuwait.

Transfer of knowledge is essential

component of the National Strategy for

sustainable development of Kuwait. This

will be a long term task for all Nation.

Ad. 2

Jože Jenšterle, Secretary General of

IASLIM, presented the program of The

International Association of Sport and

Leisure Infrastructure Management. The

Association is a non-governmental and

non-profit international organization and

movement, for the purpose of promoting

sustainable development and improving

the management of sport and leisure

infrastructure, with 215 members in 34

Countries. They are national and regional

sport associations, public institutions,

private companies, municipalities,

Universities, business schools, sport

associations, professionals and experts.

Program of the Association encompasses

research and development projects,

training and consultancy in the fields of

sustainable development, social

management, promotion of healthy life,

innovative sport and leisure programs, new

technologies in sport and leisure

infrastructure, international network of the

countries, cities, Universities, sport

organizations and sport industry.

Transfer of knowledge and consultancy

support of the international experts and

consultants, will enable The Ministries and

The Public Authority for Youth and Sports

to develop the National Strategy in the

Sport for All, assure sustainable

development of sport and leisure

infrastructure, improve the efficiency of the

management, develop new innovative

Sport for All programs and events, develop

marketing strategy and activities and invite

people in sport centers to practice sport.

IASLIM has a wide range of the

international experts and consultants, who

can enable the transfer of knowledge and


Ad 3.

Prof. dr. Rado Pišot called His Excellency’s

attention to importance of evidence based

health survey which will be one of the

basis of development of appropriate

innovative programs (kineziology) with

measures to improve National health

scheme. University of Primorska has

human resources, technologies and

expertize that can be useful for designing

the measures. The University expresses

the willingness to establish partnership and

be a part of consultancy project and the

transfer of knowledge between The Public

Authority for Youth & Sports in the State of

Kuwait and The International Association

of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure


Jože Jenšterle proposed that IASLIM would

prepare proposals for the future

cooperation and consultancy. The list will

Sport for All