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Letter of intent


Sport managers and National Sport Center Associations from different countries prepare an initiative for foundation of International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management.


This Association will became a network of public institutions, private companies, research institutes, educational institutions, consulting agencies, regional and local communities, experts and managers, which plan, build, manage and maintain sport and leisure infrastructure. It will open a space where knowledge and experiences of planning, building, managing and maintaining of sport and leisure infrastructure, will be exchanged between all interested parties, serving public interests, protecting environment, developing sport centers, tourist areas and support entrepreneurship in “sport for all” and “sport & leisure business”.


Program of the Association will include education, consultancy, standardization, certification, communication systems and publications.


Together with universities, specialized educational and training institutions and professional organizations, Association will organize certified educational and training programmes for specialized professions and working places needed for management and maintenance of  infrastructure. Study visits to the best sport centers in the World will be organized. Association will support foundation of International College of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management.


Professional managers and experts from various fields of planning, civil engineering, management and maintenance, will provide expert knowledge and executive business consultancy to the management of sport centers and leisure facilities. Association will support foundation of Professional Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management Agency.


Infrastructure and environment must be harmonized. Sport and leisure facilities must be in line with relevant factors of urbanization and other users of land. Correct relations between sports and tourism, sport and leisure infrastructure and environment, recognizes the limitations of natural resources and follows environmental standards. Standards and regulations of planning, construction, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure and the network of sport centers on the national, regional and local level, are bases for sustainable development of environment and society, national physical plan, rational development, economical usage and cost effective management and maintenance. Association will establish co-operation with international associations for sports and leisure facilities, international federations of specific sport infrastructure managers associations and associations of architects and civil engineers.


Association will set up a Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management Center of Competence, which will run statistics and conduct the register of sport and leisure centers. Quality criteria will be determined. Certificates of excellence will be issued to the sport and leisure centers in different categories. Based on certification of sport and leisure centers and yearly overview, association will print Catalogue of sport and leisure centers, where best centers will be awarded and promoted. Association will support development of communication (internet) network, which will connect sport and leisure centers (infrastructure) with sport organizations and tourist agencies.


In the past 15 months we have established contacts with over 280  sport centers and their associations, public institutions and private companies, which manage sport and leisure infrastructure, National Olympic Committees and sport federations, Universities and schools, professional advisers and managers from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Denmark, Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Austria, Ireland, Brazil, Scotland, Turkey, Ukraine and Israel. The responses are good. Most institutions and managers support the project.


Working group is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Sport Center Association of Slovenia is providing support and services for implementation of the project “foundation of International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management”. The project will be presented to the European Union institutions and will apply for EU funds.


We kindly invite you to join in this project and contribute to co-operation among sport and leisure centers and other institutions, serving public interests in developing sport and leisure infrastructure. We would appreciate your opinion about the Association and it’s goals and would value any additional propositions or suggestions.


If you support the project of foundation of International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management and would like to became a member, please send us a signed Letter of intent and we shall send you all information and invite your representatives to the founding congress in 2008. You can send your Letter of intent by e-mail.


For additional information, please contact us by phone +386 41 393 111 or by e-mail: info@sportnicentri.si.


Working group of sport managers

Jože Jenšterle

Sport Center Association of Slovenia



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